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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Using Origins Lipstick in Women

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In ancient China, especially in the Tang Dynasty, there are seven steps 
 in making cosmetics for beautiful women: foundation, apply color to 
 face, coloring eyebrows, apply the "golden color on the forehead", painted dimples, adorn the cheeks and applying lip color, which became the forerunner of today's modern lipstick.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, lips are the mirror of one's character and temperament. Lip makeup had a long history and has various patterns at different periods.

It is believed that the makeup lip was originally done in religious rituals. As time passed, people realized that it can turn spirit person and sometimes even can reveal a person's social status. As a result, different materials for lip beauty products continue to be developed and used to make red lips and bright makeup art form.

Lip beauty products in ancient China which is usually called a lip balm, as recorded by Chinese dictionary Shiming titled written by Liu Xi in the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD25-AD220).

Lipstick at first did not like lipstick that we see today, but the 
 shaped pasta that is placed in the containers. After the Sui Dynasty (589 AD - 618 AD) and Tang, some polished lip processed into solids, printed in some form. Because it is easy to carry anywhere, this new kind of quickly gaining popularity. Production of polishing the lips did not experience major innovations of modern times is only now beginning to be held innovation.

Lipstick in ancient China also contains a fantastic scent. In Northern dynasties (AD 386-AD 581) of raw materials such as polished lip Ageratum and cloves. In the Tang Dynasty, artificial flavors added to the polished lip.